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Exotically scented soaps and sundries are a passion at Stone Cottage Industries. 


You will find soaps that are interpretations of popular scent blends, but the base notes are enhanced with surprising embellishments that make them unique.  Containing as many as seven ingredients, popular fragrances like patchouli and bergamot are paired with pleasing scents like jasmine, vanilla, citrus, raspberry, and often, one or more true spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or lemon grass.


These soaps are a specialized blend of olive, coconut and vegetable oils using traditional techniques that date back thousands of years.  But the end product has some distinctly contemporary benefits: the soaps produce an especially rich lather yet hold a firm texture over many uses; they are milder on the skin than mass-produced soaps due to their natural glycerin; and some of the essential oils she uses even have therapeutic properties. 


Even more impressive is the packaging,  designed with beautiful art papers and unique labels that make them wonderful to receive, display, or give as gifts.


To inquire about custom gifts, email

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